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Biggie Biggie Biggie!

You asked for it and we delivered - longer handle, thicker/ longer bristles, non-slip grips and a heavier base for added control.

Experience the magic of a bigger, badder, bolder Glide Thru Detangling Brush in BIGGIE size.

We promise you, it is NOTORIOUS.

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We're Blushing

Love this brush for both my daughter and me. She and I both have a sensitive scalp and long hair that tangles easily especially when wet but this brush works wonders. Used to take me a long time to comb our wet hair, section by section, with a pick. This brush doesn't hurt nearly as much and causes less breakage. Cuts the process time of combing hair after showers in half if not more.


I love this brush. It's design makes it really easy to hold! It does an excellent job detangling my curls, without causing a lot of excess breakage. It glides through the hair with minimal pulling as well. I really love this brush and it's made doing my hair, and my daughters hair a lot easier.


This is the greatest brush of all times. I bought because my little girl screams when she even sees a brush. Then I fell in love with it when I noticed that it doesn't pull your hair out like most brushes. So I got one for me. Then I gave brushes to my brother and son who both have unruly long hair. Buy it. You will not regret it.

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