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Cat Eye Makeup: The all-time favorite look!

March 07, 2014

A very popular signature make-up look for myself and for many of you women out there is the Cat Eye MakeUp. It is an all-time favorite look for many! The purpose of the eyeliner is to stretch and skew the shape of the eye to get the glamour look known as "cat's eye". 

Eyeliner is available in a wide range of different colors; usually the black eyeliner is used for this purpose. It is a great tool for creating an amazing character to the eyes. If you are among those who want to experiment with makeup, I am offering you some interesting ways and advice, to improve and even change the shape of your eye. 


Natural look

This style is very natural and can fit every occasion. All you have to do is drag a line on the upper part of the eye lid. For those who have wide eyes, you want to visually reduce the line by dragging it from start to finish. And if you have smaller eyes, and you want them to look bigger, make the line think only on the outer part of the lid. 



The V-shape is also very charming, that can be combined for any occasion. Draw the line from the middle of the eye lid and continue to the end, and then connect the bottom the same as you did with the top. I usually prefer this look when I've got my hair up and in a nice cocktail dress. 


Around the eye

This is a really fun style, but not everyone can manage drawing the line. This style is for women that have wider eyes because it involves drawing on the inside and on the top of the eye. If you have smaller eyes this will only make your eyes even smaller.


Thick and intensive 

This style is best done with the point to point method where you merge the points with a line. A thick line is applied to the upper and lower lid. For a more dramatic look you can apply black eye shadow for the eyes to look even more dramatic. 



Cleopatra style 

This is a pleasant style. You can decide if you want the lines to be thin or thick, though for a rougher look you would want to make the lines thick. This is an interesting style for those who want to experiment. 


Almost all cat eye makeup is based on three styles. The natural look, dramatic or just a plain cat-eye look. I recommend that try out the different styles and see which one best suits you.