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Tips on how to avoid smudged makeup

March 19, 2014

If you’re someone who is avoiding strong and dramatic eye makeup because you fear that something will go wrong, there’s no need to panic anymore. All the mistakes that are made when applying makeup can be fixed; all you need is to learn is a few techniques that in time you will have no troubles at all. With these techniques you will get the perfect look you’ve wanted in no time!


There are several ways to correct makeup that’s applied to the eyes, meaning you apply eye makeup before applying power or concealer to the face. This way you will have perfect eye makeup and your face will be clean. You can then continue with the rest of the makeup.


The next trick is used especially if you’re applying eye shadow. With a brush gently powder your cheeks, so that the dust stays on.


Once you start applying eye shadow, the shadow will fall on the powder rather than directly on the skin of your face. Once you’re done, take a clean brush and simply brush the powder off your skin with a quick move.




If you need to adjust your makeup it’s easy to reach for a piece of cotton and correct, though when you’re on the road or out in the city you can make a portable makeup remover. While at home, apply a little bit of asset in between two pieces of cotton and place it in a little box. The same technique can be done by using an ear swab. Simply soak the ear swab and correct your makeup wherever you are. 



If you don’t have the tools I mentioned above, simply use duct tape. It easily removes sparkling shades or eye shadow, without removing makeup that’s already been applied. The best thing is, almost everyone has duct tape at home.