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Best makeup for your hair color - It's time to makeup!

So, today I learned something really interesting that has changed my style of applying makeup in a totally different way. Did you know that if you wanted a flawless look, you need to know what makeup suits your hair color? And that any changes to the hair affect the way light falls and reflects on our faces? No wonder why that dark red lipstick didn’t work for me (and I’m a redhead).

Here are some tips on choosing the best makeup according to your hair color:



All gold and bronze eye shadows in a peach shade will really open your eyes wider and make them look larger. With a black eye pencil, draw a thin line on the root of the lashes and then take a brown eye pencil and go over the black line. This will highlight the eyes without it looking too dramatic.


Here’s some good news for all you brunettes that like dark lipsticks, brunettes can wear much darker lipsticks than the rest. The dark hair has contrast in between the skin and hair, meaning that the lips will look really good with a darker shade. I recommend a gorgeous dark red lipstick.



Instead of applying a black pencil line, you can choose a dark color, like for instance purple. Apply some purple shades and a coat of mascara for your eyes to stand out. If purple isn’t your color then you can always try for silver or gray.


Blondes really make an impression when wearing a light pink lipstick. Though, if you are planning on applying pink lipstick make sure you don’t go too harsh on the eye makeup, this will just make it look “too much”.



It might sound strange to you when I say green shades are perfect for redheads. Green colors with a shade of champagne color will really make your eyes stand out if you apply under your lower eyelashes.


While others can play when choosing the color of lipstick, redheads have to be more careful. A subtle pink or a light red shade is enough to get a natural and beautiful look.

Black/Dark hair 


When using a black eye pencil, you have to be careful that your eyes don’t get lost, meaning that you don’t make your eyes looking smaller. Apply several layers of mascara and skip the eye shadow. Instead, apply black eyeliner and draw up some a gorgeous retro cat eye look. Start at the beginning of the eye and end and the end of the eye.


Black/dark hair women can easily achieve that beautiful, dramatic look with just a shade of red lipstick or even a darker shade like cherry.  


Hope that all these tips help you the next time your trying to decide what best makeup will suit your hair color. It sure did help me.. It's time to makeup! 


Source of pictures: Google