Healthy Food, Healthy Hair - You are what you eat!

Healthy Food, Healthy Hair - You are what you eat!

You are what you eat. This is something we’ve all heard before, but do we really believe it? Do we believe that when we eat a carrot we turn into a human sized carrot? So it’s hard to believe that we are what we eat… are we?

We are. And the best part is that our hair is what we eat. By eating certain nutrient-rich foods we’re improving the health of our hair! These foods allow the hair to have a great amount of shine and luster.

Healthy hair diets aren’t strict on timing, portions, or anything similar that you’ve come across to in body diets. In the healthy hair diet you’re only adding certain foods and vitamins to your everyday eating routines. Vitamin E, good fats, protein… these are all the types of foods you’ll need to add. I’ve rounded up a list of yummy foods that you can add to your diet for beautiful, healthy locks:

 Green leafy vegetables

Vegetables like broccoli, spinach and lettuce are all full of iron, high fiber, high water and Vitamin C. The vitamins these vegetables contain prevent hair from breaking and are responsible for oil in the scalp. So tonight combine a couple of ingredients to your salad and make sure to add a green leafy vegetable!

Orange foods

There’s a lot of Vitamin A in orange foods. This is great news! Vitamin A is an ingredient that helps growth and renewal of new skin cells, meaning it’s great for the scalp. If you don’t add any Vitamin A to your diet, it will only lead to an itchy scalp and that one thing we all fear of… dandruff! To give your hair beta-carotene boosts add carrots, pumpkin and sweet potatoes to your healthy hair diet.


Did you know that proteins protect your hair from the sun? That protein actually increases the thickness of your hair? And all of this can be achieved by eating your favorite breakfast? Eggs! Eggs are a rich protein food that helps the health of your hair. Eggs contain minerals, vitamins like zinc, iron that give you that hair boost you’ve always wanted.

After going through this list I got really excited, because of the fact that all of these foods are delicious! They’re great ingredients to add to a meal you’re preparing or just as a snack. And the best part is that you’re keeping your hair healthy! My favorite is ingredient is the green leafy vegetables. I love my fresh salads. Which of these healthy hair foods is your favorite?


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