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How to take care of your hair..

April 30, 2014

For my 18th Birthday I received a hair straightener as a gift. I was really excited to get my very own straightener and have used it ever since! I used it to curl my hair, straighten it and style my hair in different glamorous hairstyles. Though, in the last couple of years I’ve been trying my best to avoid heated tools because I realized that all it was doing is damaging my hair. The thing is, just avoiding heated tools didn’t do the job. I contacted professional hairdressers and researched the internet to find out that there are a lot of ways to take care of your hair. It’s currently been two months since I started following these tips and believe me, it’s absolutely working! Here are those tips on how to take care of your hair.

  • Brush your hair – Glide Thru Detangling Brush by Crave Naturals is my favorite brush on the market. What this brush does, is it glides thru my hair easily without pulling and leaves my hair tangles and knots free! The brush is used on dry and wet hair.
  • Trim – Trimming the damaged sections of your hair is defiantly a number 1 tip to leave your hair strong and healthy. Trimming should be done every 6-8 weeks. What I usually do is once I’m done with my trim I make an appointment for my next trim just in case I forget.
  • A well-balanced diet – This is also another great way to keep your hair healthy and strong. Add green vegetables to your everyday diet for amazing results!
  • Avoid using heat on your hair – If at all using it; remember to condition your hair before you do so.
  • Egg Treatment – Use an entire egg to condition your hair. Before washing, leave your hair with the egg conditioner for 20 minutes and then rinse off with cool water.
  • Avoid using hot water – The heat will only damage your hair. Try using warm water instead of hot.
  • Tie your hair loose – There are times when you just want to get your hair out of your face and tie it back. When doing so, tie your hair loose and use soft hair ties or a clip. 
  • Drink water – If you drink about 8 cups of water a day, not only will your body feel better, but your hair will get much stronger and healthier.
  • Avoid the sun – Summer days are right around the corner. Use products that contain sunscreens and cover up in direct sunlight during the hot weather. 


Do you have great tips on how to take care of your hair? If so, please feel free to share them with me. I'm someone that loves learning new things. 

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