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8 Must-Subscribe Beauty Gurus on YouTube

Don't we all love a beauty blog, picture tutorial/how-to, or an infographic? We all also love videos, music, visual effects.. What if I told you can get makeup, beauty, blogs, tutorial/how-to's, tips & tricks, music and visual all at the same place? Vlogging! Vlogging is video blogging on YouTube. Today, I want to share the top 8 must-subscribe beauty gurus on YouTube. These women are all about beauty, makeup, fashion and style! Check it out. 

(To subscribe, simply click on their name and it will take you straight to their YouTube Channel) 

● Lisa Eldridge  

This woman is a professional makeup artist from England. She has worked with Cindy Crawford for ELLE Magazine and she reveals all her tricks and how-to’s on her YouTube vlog. You’ll come across many interesting categories like Makeup and Beauty for the over 50’s, Everyday Looks, Scincare Products & Nails, Beauty Gift Ideas and many more.

● Kandee Johnson 

Kandee is all about beauty, makeup, how to, style, DIY, cooking and more. Her blogs are always fun and unique. They’re a guaranteed smile on your face and somewhere where you can learn all about fun new things.

● Blair Fowler 

Blair has been uploading videos about beauty and fashion since 20008 and has been really popular in the YouTube-sphere. You’ll find a lot of Red Carpet Look, Season favorites, Favorite products and more fun vlogs.

● Zoe Sugg/Zoella 

Ms Zoe Sugg is an English fashion and beauty vlogger, and internet personalit. She is best known by her fans and viewers on YouTube as Zoella. She’s full of positive attitude and her videos are all great fun to watch! You’ll come across videos about Hair, Beauty, Fashion & Style, Product Reviews and many more.

● Emma Pickles 

If you’re looking for a new celebrity makeup look, then Emma Pickles is your girl! She’s got amazing how-to videos on The Vampire diaries Nina Dobrev look, Katy Pery Look, Halloween looks and more exciting makeup tutorials and ideas!

● Sona Gasparian 

Sona is an amazing professional makeup artist. She’s all about the latest beauty trends and shares many tips. You’ll find many tutorials, how-to’s, favorite products and more. Sona posts videos weekly and is always happy to interact with users questions and recommendations.

● Tiffany D – Makeup by Tiffany  

Tiffany is that beauty guru where you will find anything and everything on her YouTube vlog. She’s got Reviews, Makeup Tutorials, Fashion, Nail Tutorials, Hair Turorials & Hair Care, Skin Care Tutorials and many other categories to choose from.

● Marlena Stell – Makeup Geek 

Marlena has a wide range of categories to choose from, including Hair & Nails, Hot new products, Skincare & DIY, Makeup Looks, Health & Life and many more. She’s a great inspiration to a lot of women by sharing advice and tips to all subscribers about beauty, fashion, healthy living and style.
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