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Soft, pale or washed-out. In other words: Pastel Colors!

June 04, 2014

When we think of spring and summer colors, we think of gorgeous pastel shades. For example, rose-pink, mint-green, lilac-purple and much more! Pastel refers to any color with a particular lighter shade. I suppose you could say that grey is technically pastel blue. I believe all colors can be pastel; just add white. Think of it as a watered down version of the regular color. They’re considered cool in tone. Pastel colors were all over the spring/summer 2014 runways. Hair, clothing, nails, makeup – you name it! Here are some easy, cute and feminine ideas that you can try with pastel colors.

Pastel Hair

There are many ways to experiment when deciding do add a little pastel to your hair. You can either dye your whole hair, add pastel to the underside of your hair (also known as, ombre), add a streak of color and more.


Pastel Nails

You can always add more fun to your nails by polishing every nail a different pastel shade, pastel layer and a dark design, or just plain pastel.


Pastel Fashion

From skirts to shirts, to dresses and shoes. Anything that you want, you can find in a pastel shade. Personally, my favorite is the pastel color skirts, they look gorgeous with a clean shirt and a vintage necklace.


Pastel Makeup

This look is very 80’s. Adding a pastel color eyeliner or eyeshadow gives you that soft gorgeous look. Anyone can pull of any shade!



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