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7 Stylish Ways to Wear a Ponytail This Summer

June 06, 2014

Happy Friday everyone!

Because summer is right around the corner and hot summer days are about to hit, I wanted to share some hairstyles with you today. All women understand when I say “Phew, it’s so hot. I can’t stand my hair..” There are many different styles that you can do to your hair where it’s up and out of your face. There’s the bun, a braid, and my favorite, a ponytail. I’m someone that loves to style my hair and don’t like the plain simple gym ponytail. Here are some gorgeous stylish ways to wear a ponytail this summer. The best part is that they’re super easy to do and at the same time, stylish!

 High sleek ponytail

First off, detangle your hair from all knots and tangles with a detangling brush so that it’s silky and smooth. Brush your hair high into a ponytail, leaving it without bumps. Leave one streak of hair (this will be used to cover up the hair tie) and tie your hair tightly.

 Side loose ponytail

If your hair is naturally wavy and curly, just simply take all your hair and tie up to the side. If you have straight hair, it’s always nice to add a little wave to your hair before tying it up to the side.

 Ponytail with headband/scarf 

This is where you can tie your hair however you want. The headband is a gorgeous accessory to add that will really stand out with style!


 Pinned high and curled

Grab your hair curler or if you know how to curl with a flat iron, and simply curl the bottom of your hair. Tie your hair high leaving the ponytail curly and full of volume.

 Beach waves

The easiest way to achieve these beach waves is if you braid your hair loose before going to sleep. When you take out the braid in the morning, you’ll have these gorgeous natural beach waves. Simply tie up your hair messy without worrying about bumps or lumps.

 Braided ponytail

Before you get to the ponytail, braid your hair. You can either do a loose braid, a braid to the side or a tight braid. Once you’ve braided the top of your hair, leave the ponytail as it is, without a braid.

 Fishtail braided ponytail

Tie your hair up normally like you would for a high slick ponytail. Instead of leaving the ponytail loose, you can either fishtail braid it or just a simple braid always looks good too.


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