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A List of Fun Things to Do This Summer...

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Most of us have a little bit of free time on our hands now that summer has arrived! There are so many things to do. Where to start? Today I wanted to share my list with everyone (maybe you can grab an idea) and I would also love to hear what everyone else has planned. Are you probably reading a new book? Watching a new TV series? Going to a nice place for a vacation? Here are my top 5 things to do this summer.


Watch a sunset/sunrise

Wouldn't mind going out to a field or at the beach watching a sunset/sunrise with friends, drinking a fresh smoothie and just relaxing.


Read a book

Now that Season 4 Game of Thrones is nearly to an end, I would probably be outside reading George R.R Martin’s Game of Thrones books.



This is a great workout that I want to start. It gets you in touch with your body by doing yoga stretches and exercises that are designed around the idea of moving your body to increase its strength and durability.


Going to a concert 

There are many concerts and festivals organized during summer. Treat yourself with a ticket to go watch your favorite band or singer at a concert/festival. Or better yet, do a weekend road trip with your friends and attend a concert somewhere out of town.



As you’re all aware, I blog a couple a couple of times during the week on many beauty, fashion, makeup, tips and tricks. What I want to start doing this summer is start vlogging. This will be me blogging via video. I want to start tutorials, product reviews and more.


Other things you can do this summer...

  1. Take a photo every day of summer and create an online portfolio or add pictures to your social media accounts.
  2. Learn new healthy recipes and cook for your friends.
  3. Check out DIY websites and make something from scratch.
  4. Check out events and festivals that are near you and attend them with friends or family.
  5. Watch FIFA World Cup with friends and family.
  6. Family cookout
  7. Go shopping for a gorgeous maxi dress or TOMS shoes.
  8. Play a sport
  9. Go for long bike rides
  10. And my favorite… BEACH!