10 Celebrity Beauty Tips

July 16, 2014

Don't we just all adore our favorite famous movie stars, singers, writers... And don't we just adore them when they share there number 1 beauty tip with us? Yes! After reading/watching many interviews, I've gathered the best 10 celebrity beauty tips! Beauty tips including: makeup, lifestyle, fashion and more! All of the tips that I'm about about to list, I've tried myself, and believe me ladies, they're worth reading and sharing with your friends! (I've also embed they're name to the link where you can check out the full interview or article)

1. “There are tricks I’ve learned from makeup artists on shoots. They put on the red lipstick, then blot it with a tissue, then they put powder over the tissue and sort of press it onto your lips. Then re-apply. It turns it into a stain that lasts much longer.” -Gorgeous country singer, Taylor Swift

2. “Makeup artist Linda Cantello taught me this tip: If you make a mistake with your mascara, dip a cotton ball into some foundation to remove it and conceal at the same time.” - Our favorite Harry Potter gal, Emma Watson. 

3. “I love swimming, [and doing] anything in the ocean…that’s very, very good for your body.” - Our top of the charts babe, Rihanna

4. I do yoga whenever I can, and I do like feeling fit and healthy.” - Sex And The City fashion guru, Sara Jessica Parker

5. "Red lipstick. It’s the ultimate shade. I wouldn’t wear it during the day, but at night, or if it’s a do, then it’s good. Lipstick is the classic, iconic makeup, isn’t it? You think of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, and it’s always about the lips.” - Famous British model, Kate Moss 

6. “Moroccan Argan Oil for hair. I put it up in a bun with the product in.  It’s good for the hair because it makes it so shiny. I take it out of the bun and then I have nice beach waves.” - Black Eyed Peas favorite, Fergie

7. "For a natural look, I believe in using an eyelash curler. Works wonders!" - Victoria Secret model, Miranda Kerr.

8. "A good way to prep your skin is to use a vitamin C serum, it does wonders — especially when my skin gets dehydrated. If I’m super dry, I also layer on vitamin E" - Her hips don't lie, and neither does her beauty tip, Shakira 

9. "When I'm not working, I don't really wear makeup. I think it's a good chance to give the skin a break" - Our favorite X-Men gal, Halle Berry. 

10. "Water is the best secret of anyone’s beautiful skin, as the celebrity believes. Water is also an excellent detoxifier that helps eliminating all impurities." - Our number 1 favorite Oscar gal, Anne Hathaway.