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Top 10 YouTube Beauty Guru's - Must-Subscribe!

Don’t we all love Makeup/Beauty How To’s, Product Reviews, Tutorials? I’m sure that everyone has a list of favorite beauty bloggers that they follow, but how about beauty vloggers? YouTube has many talented women that are a must-subscribe! There’s nothing more fun than sitting in front of your laptop with a mirror and following a YouTube tutorial or just checking out a product review that you’re planning to buy. Today I wanted to share my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube that you’d want to subscribe after I give you a little introduction to their channel. These women are all about beauty, makeup, fashion and style, and trust me, you too will start including them in your YouTube beauty routine. Check them out.

  1. Andrea Matillano – Andrea loves all things beauty! She first started vlogging may, 2011 and has been uploading fun videos ever since. She loves reviewing products, sharing her favorites and interacting with other beauty communities. Something else that’s fun about Andrea is, she has her own nail polish line! How gorgeous is that!
  2. Melissa Parada – Melissa’s beauty channel is called Honeybee Philosophy. What’s cute about it, is she also calls her subscribers honeybee’s. She’s someone that loves being fabulous, loves makeup and is a fashion fanatic! She has a fun personality, making it fun to watch her videos.
  3. Allura Beauty – If you’re looking for collection previews, makeup tutorials, reviews and giveaways, then this is the channel for you. Allura Beauty is a place where subscribers can learn about cosmetic ingredients, what a product looks like and how it performs. It’s a trustworthy channel where they review their honest thoughts.
  4. HoneysCurls – Gorgeous Courtany Alexis makes YouTube videos about her natural curly hair and about other things that interest her. She shares videos about her hair routines, her favorite hair products and more.
  5. MissCarmsie – This channel is a combination of beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos laced with sequins and sarcasm. She has many videos that are a must-watch on fashion trends, beauty products, and gorgeous how-to tutorials.
  6. Beauty Broadcast Express – This channel is all bout honest beauty reviews that are quick and to-the-point. If you love makeup and beauty products, this is a fun channel to subscribe to! It’s all about product reviews and how-to’s!
  7. SabsBeauty – If you love makeup, hair and fashion, SabsBeauty loves it too! This channel has been up and running since 2010 with excellent content that you’ll love! Here’s a sneak peek on what to expect when you click subscribe.. “Summer Beauty Essentials of 2014”, “Glamorous Makeup for Glasses” and “Date/Party smoked pink makeup look”.
  8. MsGoldgirl – Marnie, or as we all know her by her YouTube name, MsGoldgirl is a stay-at-home mom who loves to talk about cosmetics, hair products, makeup and more! “Casual Summer Look”, “Best Hair Product – Changed my life”, “Skincare products”. These are all videos you can find on MsGoldgirl’s channel and many many more.
  9. Rissrose2 – Riss Rose is a full time mother and loves to YouTube vlog and blog. She vlogs about mostly beauty and makeup. Her fun channel is all about beauty/makeup tutorials, how-to’s and product reviews. She’s great fun and a must-subscribe!
  10. WhatWouldLizzyDo – Lizzy is all about beauty and laughter! Her videos are fun to watch and there’s so many new things you can learn from her. She’s all about beauty, makeup and style!