Summer Beach Playlist, 2014 - 8Tracks

Summer Beach Playlist, 2014 - 8Tracks

Summer is usually the time we want to be listening to upbeat and happy songs that we can dance and sing to. Artists and bands love summer and usually release their upbeat songs during the summer. When we're at parties, at the beach, or any summer outdoor event, we listen to these songs. There are many genres out there including: pop, rock, country, electronic and more. We've been using 8tracks, which is a site and phone app where you can create your own playlist of 8 tracks or more. Once you sign up, you can choose the genre of music you like and listen to someones mix that they've put together. 

Because it's summer, and we love all upbeat summer songs, we've created a Summer Beach Playlist that you can play at the beach, at a party, in the gym, in your car or at home when you feel like dancing around the house. 

From pop to electronic to FIFA 2014, we've got it all. Hit play and dance away! 

Don't forget to create your own playlist on and share it with us. We promise you that it's loads of fun! 

Summer Beach Playlist, 2014 from Crave Naturals on 8tracks Radio.


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