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Top 8 Fashionable TV Shows

Don't we all just love a kick back at home watching our favorite TV shows? I know it's not just me when I say, Can't wait to get home and put my feet up watching... And what I absolutely love is that all today's shows are full of fashion and style! I'm currently wearing my hair short with a color underneath inspired by the gorgeous Ashley Benson (Hanna) from Pretty Little Liars. Today I wanted to share the top 8 fashionable TV shows where you too can get inspired to change up your look or say Hey, if she can pull of those two colors, I can too! These TV shows are not only fashionable and stylish, but most are nominated for an Emmy Award. Yay, the Emmy's.. but we'll get to that some other day. 

1. Revenge 

Not only does this show have powerful women, they also have a strong and powerful image wearing tight dresses and owning that style! Because Revenge has been in many top 10 fashion lists, you can expect their very own fashion line to be coming out soon. A huge applause to Jill Ohanneson, who is the costume designer of the show. Keep up the good work Jill, can't to see what you're doing for Season 4. 

2. Pretty Little Liars 

Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily. These four pretty little liars know how to pull off a style from grunge to vintage. If you love Aria's pastel colorblock dress that she wore on the latest episode, you can find that exact dress in the Pretty Little Liars Closet, where they have the same line of clothing for you to buy. They just make it too easy! 

3. New Girl 

If someone can pull of a hipster look, that's Jess from New Girl. We love all the colors she combines, the stripe shirts, dotted skirts and her long hair with the perfect bangs. You would think, orange doesn't go with purple? But no, Jess shows you how you too can combine colors and feel fabulous!

4. Glee

If you've only watched the first couple of seasons of Glee, you're probably thinking I don't want to dress like some teenage high school kid, with socks up to my knees? Though, if you've watched the recent seasons of Glee, where the Glee kids hit the streets of New York you'll know why it's in my list. Their fashion, hair and makeup is The Big Apple! Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) has made a huge transformation from good girl gone bad, even in her style. 

5. Suits 

Jessica, Donna, Rachel and Katrina are the office fashion guru's on TV. I mean, with a show named Suits, you know the wardrobe department does overtime in getting all the outfits together. From high wasted skirts to tucked in shirts, they've got it all. And the shoes, wow. I know I feel like going shopping after every episode. 

6. Nashville 

If you love country music and fashion then you'll love this show. They're all about country music and a look behind the scenes of a successful country music artist. Along the way, you'll check out how the gorgeous ladies pull of a stunning outfit wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. 

7. Game of Thrones 

Even though you wouldn't wear the outfits to a cocktail party or for dinner, the outfits are gorgeous with unique designs and powerful colors! Cersei, Daenerys, Sansa are just some of the women that are Game of Thrones fashion guru's that we all adore. And then there's the hairstyles, now that we can do! Visit a "Game of Thrones Hair Tutorial" blog to learn how you too can wear a braid like Sansa. 

8. And then there's the older TV shows where the fashion really never goes out of fashion or it's made a comeback! Sex and The City, Gossip Girl, Ally McBeal, Friends and much more!