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How to use an Eyebrow and Eyelash Brush for luxurious eyes!

There are many different brushes and techniques that you might have read or seen in a back stage Fashion show or tutorials. But do we really need them all? No. Today, I wanted to introduce the Eyebrow and Eyelash Brush Kit by Crave Naturals which is a 4-IN-2 tool that is a must makeup tool for all you beauty's out there. 

First off, I wanted to point out and explain why it's important to have these tools and why they should become a must in your everyday beauty routine followed by how to use that particular makeup tool: 

Brow Brush: The brow brush is used to brush and to shape groom eyebrows.

How-To: Make sure to start off with clean eyelids. This important because while brushing you might brush some eyeshadow to the eyebrows. Brush the front of your eyebrows across and slightly upwards. 

Angled Brow Brush: The angled brush is exactly what you need to apply gel, powder or cream color to your brow. The angle allows precise application and helps you create definition and feel like a pro.

How-To: Stipple the brush into an eyeshadow lighter than your brows if they are dark, and a shade darker if you have light brows. Using short stroked fill in your brows until you achieve the desired look. 

Eyelash Comb: If your mascara went on a little heavy, de-clump and separate your eyelashes in the blink of an eye with the expert eyelash comb.

How-To: After you've curled your eyelashes and applied mascara, while your eyelashes are still wet comb in an upward and and outward direction. To clean the eyelash comb, use a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. 

Spoolie: The spoolie end is a mascara wand minus the mascara. The tapered head and soft bristles allow you to brush your eyebrows into place before you begin grooming or filling in sparse areas.

How-To: After filling in your brows use the spoolie to soften any harsh lines and create a natural look. A quick brush-thru and you're good to go! 

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