Find Your Eyebrow Shape

Find Your Eyebrow Shape

Eyebrows are what frame the eyes. This is why it's important to have perfectly shaped eyebrows that beautifully frame the eyes. While the eyebrows are framing the eyes, the eyes frame your face. The first thing one looks when meeting someone, are the eyes. This is why having gorgeous brows is a beauty essential and a must! Just like fashion, eyebrow trends change over time. What we recommend is that you don't have to always follow a trend, just follow whatever you feel comfortable in and whatever fits you best. Below I've added a chart with the different forms of brow, so you can identify which one you'd like to have:


When we talk about eyebrows and their shapes, the first thing that comes to our mind is tweezers right? The number one makeup tool for eyebrows is a nice pair of tweezers. Tweezers that remove all those stubborn fine hairs and pinch free! We've all done it. You head to the local drug store to purchase a new pair of tweezers and end up falling for the cheaper brand just to save a few bucks; after all they'll probably do the same job, right? WRONG. We recommend Precisio Professional Grade Tweezers - tweezers you buy ONCE and love forever! 

Once you're done with shaping your eyebrows with Precisio, go a little bit further with your eyebrows and get yourself an Eyebrow and Eyelash Brush Kit that includes a Spoolie & Angled Brow Brush and Brow Brush & Eyelash Comb. These tools are sure to make your brows look natural yet exotic, without that unruly brow look.

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Eyebrows of the day: 


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