6 Must-Have Products for Perfect Eyebrows

October 29, 2014

I'm sure that everyone agrees with me when I say - Perfectly groomed eyebrows can make all the difference on the face. Like I've said many times, eyebrows are what frame the face! Previously I mentioned how to perfect your brows with 8 easy steps, now I wanted to introduce to you my favorite eyebrow products that are a must in your everyday brow routine. You'll come across to many brow products in stores and sometimes catch yourself confused on which product you really need. I, myself have been a victim of this and trust me, I wish I had a list on what I really need to buy. Today, I'm going to make things easy for you and list 6 essential products for perfect eyebrows: 

1. Tweezers: Precisio Tweezers - Crave Naturals. Smooth, simple and pain free hair removal. Tips are precisely aligned to grab stubborn hairs.  

2. Brow highlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Pencil. A multitasking highlight pencil that can be used on brows and face. 

3. Brow powder: Anastasia Beverly Hills. A two shade brow powder that creates a natural brow look. 

4. A brow pencil: Maybelline Expert Wear Brow Pencil. Fill-in brows using thin, hair-like strokes. 

5. Brow brush: Brow and Lash Brush Kit - Crave Naturals. Smooth out brows for a polished, neat look. 

6. Angled brow brush: Brow and Lash Brush Kit - Crave Naturals. The angled brush is exactly what you need to apply gel, powder or cream color to your brow. The angle allows precise application and helps you create definition and feel like a pro.

Now that you've completed your perfect eyebrow it's time to show off on Instagram. Crave Naturals have launched a fun Instagram Contest that everyone can enter by simply taking a photo of themselves and their perfectly groomed eyebrows and add the hashtag #cravebrows - May the best brow win!!