5 Dream Vacation Spots To Get Out Of The Cold

5 Dream Vacation Spots To Get Out Of The Cold

Even though the idea of getting cozy under your blanket with a cup of tea on a winter night sounds nice, we all miss warm sunny days, right? With days where the weather can get a bit frightful because of the low temperatures we're always thinking of spots to get out of the cold. So why not get out of the winter weather for a few days? I bet trading your bulky sweater for a t-shirt and flip flops sounds like a good idea! If you haven't been dreaming about the sun and soft sand beneath your toes, chances are you already live by the beach. To all the 'brrr get me out of the snow' people out there, today we're sharing our top 5 dream vacation spots to get out of the cold this winter. 

1. Exuma, Bahamas - A tropical adventure awaits!


2. Kauai, Hawaii - Lush green mountains, fields of taro, and rainbows every day.

3. Florida - Welcome to Florida, the sunshine state!  


4. Puerto Rico The beauty of Puerto Rico spans natural and architectural wonders.


5. Cancun, Mexico A go-to spot for beaches and cave swimming

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