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What Should I Consider When Buying Tweezers?

A makeup bag is probably one if not every girl’s most prized possession. Whether it’s a small travel kit filled with beauty essentials or an oversized cosmetic bag with every single compartment stashed with every girl’s weapon for fabulousness, every girl would agree that to achieve the best look, you also need the best tools to look great everyday. Aside from the selection of makeup brushes you should own, beauty experts and world class makeup artists suggests there’s one single absolute must-have tool that should always be in every girl’s makeup kit-- a good pair of high- quality, precise, sturdy, ultra-sharp, stainless steel pointy TWEEZERS. Well-defined eyebrows frames the eyes and totally gives the face an entirely different look that’s why these should always be kept tidy everyday by plucking stray hairs and choosing a flattering shape to highlight your best features.

But what exactly should you consider when buying a “good” pair of tweezers? Though they may all look exactly the same and may do the same job of plucking unwanted hair, there are several points to consider when choosing which type is the best investment for your daily beauty routine:

  • The TIP: The tip is the most important part of the instrument. The most basic tweezers come in either of the 3 typical designs: SLANTED, POINTED or SQUARE. The slanted tip is generally the most common type used for general tweezing and eyebrow shaping. Pointed-tip tweezers are ideal for expert tweezing. Its tapered tip grabs super fine or ingrown hair or stubble. Square-tips usually has scissor-style handles to provide steady and comfortable tweezing for larger gripping surfaces. They are easier to manipulate and advisable for people with painful joints.
  • The GRIP: The tweezer body extends from the tip to the opposite end and as you squeeze the tweezer arms together, the force is transmitted to the tip. Therefore you may want to choose tweezers that are comfortable to hold and grip for easy handling since your ability to maintain a firm grip may directly affect its function. You should also consider the finish of your tweezers. Matte finish is an excellent choice since it tends to prevent fine hairs from slipping compared to stainless steel which tends to become slippery against your skin.
  • The ALIGNMENT-  Choose hand filed and perfectly aligned tweezers to give you professional results. A good alignment shows the tip centers come together precisely with no visible gaps. So when you grip, it results to more force being transmitted to the hair, which results to more effective and less painful plucking.

It is also very important to take care of your tweezers by disinfecting every after use and allowing it to air dry to prevent it from rusting. These tools are very sharp so a good protective storage tube is very important before throwing it back inside your makeup bag. It protects you from injuries when digging for it the next time you want to use it, as well as protecting your tweezers.


We recommend the PRECISIO SLANT TIP TWEEZERS from Crave Naturals. This high quality surgical grade stainless steel tweezers come in a protection tube which makes it the perfect on-the-go tweezer. It is an ideal size for any makeup and travel bag which you can carry in your purse anytime you need it--- not only for brow reshaping, but also for first aid use when removing splinters and removing ticks safely, quickly and easily. Another best feature is that the Precisio Tweezers are built to last! It is guaranteed for life with absolutely no re-sharpening needed. You’ll never have to worry about dull tweezers again because each Precisio tweezer is inspected to ensure that it is perfect when it reaches your hands. All Precisio Tweezers come with a lifetime guarantee. This means it’s 100% risk-free purchase. If you break them or need a replacement, or not satisfied, Crave Naturals offers a full refund or replacement guaranteed!