Nail Care Hacks

November 06, 2015

We all love going to the salon and getting our nails pretty, but going to the salon every other week gets expensive. Today I wanted to share some useful, free, and creative ways to get the perfect manicure. 

1. Wear gloves in water to prevent split nails - Protect your nails with gloves when washing dishes or hand washing your clothes. This will keep your manicure in tip top shape and prevent cracked nails. 

2. Remove nail polish stains with tooth whitener - After removing dark nail polish, have you ever noticed some color on your nails? Use a tooth whitener and scrub your nails to easily get rid of that color. 

3. Correct nail polish mistakes - When applying nail polish, we usually end up getting some nail polish on the sides of each finger. Use a brush and some nail polish remover to create a clean line around the nail. 

4. Use a glass nail file for the best manicure - Part of the reason nails peel in layers at the tip is the way in which they are filed. Using a glass nail file prevents keratin separation at the nail bed, resulting in a long-lasting, healthy manicure and reduced risk of breakage. 

5. Whiten yellow nails - When we consistently polish our nails it can result in gradual staining a yellow appearance. Mix 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and 2 1/2 tablespoons of baking soda to easily remove this staining.

6. Remove nail oil with vinegar - When nail polish is applied to a clean, dry nail, the nail polish stays on longer. Before applying nail polish, swipe each fingernail with white vinegar to cut through any oils on the nail.

7. Help your nail polish dry faster - When you're in a hurry and want to quickly dry your nail polish, dip your manicured nails into a bowl of ice water for approximately 3 seconds to expedite the drying process.  

8. Eliminate nail polish bubbles - Avoid having bubbles surface atop your perfectly painted nails by first rolling the bottle in between your hands as opposed to shaking it.