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No Tangle No Crease Ribbon Hair Tie Bands - Rainbow - 30 Pack


Ribbon hair ties are the latest craze for those that want a stylish look to their pony tail or braids and also want to prevent damage to their hair. The soft fabric prevents the elastic getting tangled and knotted into hair and can be easily removed without getting stuck. The hair ties have a strong elastic band making them great for thick hair and for people that have a lot of hair. They can also be worn as a bracelet making it a great fashion accessory, so you will always have a hair tie close by. 


  • Super soft and stretchy elastic bands have knotted ends guaranteed to not leave dent in hair.
  • Ouchless design makes this ponytail holders great for toddlers, kids and adults of all ages.
  • Cloth fabric has been heat treated to prevent fraying and sliding from occurring.
  • Strong enough to hold a bun for work or yoga or replace your favorite scrunchie from the 90’s.
  • Gentle on all hair types; fine, thick or curly, without tugs or indent marks.

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