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We have all done it. You head over to the local drugstore to purchase a new pair of tweezers and end up falling for the cheaper brand just to save a few bucks; after all they will probably do the same job, right? Wrong. Well, we're happy to tell you that we’ve found the fix -- Precisio Professional Grade Tweezers -- tweezers you buy ONCE and love forever!

"Professional Grade" is not just some gibberish we invented to get you to purchase this product. It means that, like any professional tool, Precisio tweezers have been designed with you in mind. The ultra-sharp, hand filed tips are perfectly aligned so you get the job done right the first time.

Frame your face with a well-groomed eyebrow. Well groomed eyebrows add definition to your face and can enhance your beauty. Always keep them looking gorgeous! Think of how great you will feel zeroing in with laser-like precision on every last little nasty hair. A great pair of quality tweezers does so much more than shape your brows, as shown below.

Why Are Precisio Tweezers a Must Have Tool?


Ingrown hairs: You hate when they happen. You will love it when they are gone. The tweezers are designed with a precise slanted tip; you will be able to get so close to the root of hair so there is less pain in hair removal and more ingrown hairs. Hair removal will be simple and pain. Say goodbye to those deep, stubborn ingrown hairs.

Nose/facial hair: Designed for comfort and easy handling, the tweezers have a matte finish so that there is no slippage and you can focus on each hair that requires removing. Grabs all the short and fine hairs on the first try leaving your hair nose/facial hair free!

Bikini line: Now you can get every last stray before you hit the beach. Calibrated tension makes removal of the finest hairs easy and will not pinch the skin. We personally don’t recommend tweezing the entire bikini line, just because it will take you a long time. Though, we do recommend plucking out all the stubborn hairs left behind from either waxing or shaving.

First aid: Important tool to have in any first aid kid regardless of how basic your kit is. Perfect for tick removal or splinter removal so it makes a great addition to your first aid kit. The tweezers come in a sanitary holding case so that they are not damaged or contaminated during storage.

How to: Create the Perfect Eyebrow Using Precisio Tweezers.

Eyebrows frame the eyes and the eyes frame the face. Always use slant edge tweezers for better precision to achieve the perfect brow. Before you reach for the Precisio Tweezers, mark the desired pluck area with a nude eyeliner. By doing this you can experiment with different shapes before committing to one.

Precision tweezers are perfectly angled for the brow bone and are one of the best professional beauty tools you can add to your makeup case. Each of the tweezers is hand filed and perfectly aligned to give you the professional results you are looking for. Guaranteed to stay sharp for life, Precisio tweezers do not require re-sharpening, or replacement. This means slanted Precisio tweezers will last you for life with all the same accuracy and sharpness as the day you purchased them.

Not another cheap pair of tweezers… Why?

  • High quality surgical grade stainless steel – pick up little things that are too small to hold with your fingers.
  • Comes in a protection tube – The perfect on-the-go tweezer. Ideal size for makeup and travel bags. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, one of our happy customers says, I love that it comes in a case and I carry it in my purse.
  • Guaranteed for life – no re-sharpening required. Built to last!
  • Comfortable to hold – designed for comfort and easy handling.
  • Perfect angle for working on brow bone – perfectly defined brows with accurate and easy eyebrow tweezing. Easy to use and grab all unwanted hairs, stubborn ones too!
  • Non slip grip – matte finish. No more frustrations when the hairs slip right out of the tweezers.
  • First aid and tick removal – now you can remove splinters or ticks safely, quickly and easily. The must tool to keep in your medical cabinet.
  • No pinching of skin – they firmly grip hairs at the base to ease them without pinching the skin or poking.
  • One-grab job – those teeny-tiny fine hairs that are always challenging… you can now yank out with ease! Pluck. Remove. Smile.

How to Clean the Precisio Tweezers?

It’s important to avoid bacteria and dirt that builds up on tweezers, especially since the eye area is extremely delicate. Remember to clean and sanitize your tweezers. Here’s how:

  • Wash them down using water and a light soap such as a hand soap or kitchen soap, then pat dry with a clean towel.
  • Wipe down the tweezers with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball.
  • Leave the tweezers to dry. While you wait, it’s always a good idea to clean your eyebrows and start fresh. If you need to use the tweezers right after sanitizing, wash down using water and pat dry with a clean towel.
  • Once you’re done, return the tweezers in the protection tube. This helps protect the tweezers from dust and other elements.

We recommend that you repeat the above treatment every two weeks. Until then, just soak down with water and dry with a clean towel.

Try Precisio Tweezers risk free

Your smile with our product is our #1 priority. And that’s why we offer our Precisio Tweezers risk free. You’ll never have to worry about dull tweezers again because each Precisio tweezer is inspected to ensure that it is perfect when it reaches your hands. All Precisio Tweezers come with a lifetime guarantee. This means it’s 100% risk-free purchase. If you break them or need a replacement, or not satisfied, we will give you a full refund or replacement guaranteed! How can we make this amazing guarantee? Because we’re absolutely sure that you will be satisfied with your purchase!

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  • We offer a 100% money back or replacement guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, contact us and we will take care of the issue.

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