Tips to make your blowout last longer

Tips to make your blowout last longer

Blow dry. This is one of my favorite things to do with my hair. Now that the weather is gorgeous outside, all I want to do is be away from home. I’m someone that doesn’t get my hair blown out professionally. I usually find time to blow out my own hair, though I don’t always that free time. Speaking to a couple of professional hairdressers and friends, I’ve got amazing tips on how to make your blowout last longer.

  • Start clean. The cleaner your hair the longer the blowout will last. Before blow drying wash your hair twice.
  • Tangles and knots free. Brush out your hair before you start with the blowout. Use a detangling brush to brush out all the tangles and knots and start fresh!
  • Cool setting. Finish your blow-dry with cool air. Set your blow dryer on “cool” to get that perfect style to stay in one place.
  • Don’t be afraid of too much volume. This additional volume to the hair will make that blow last longer.

  • Avoid tying your hair back with a tight tie. Instead of using a tight tie try using a large clip to hold your hair together. If you’ve got thin hair and the clip isn’t holding, use a soft tie. This will the hair getting creased.
  • Try your best to avoid moisture. Meaning, try and avoid humidity and water. Moisture will just flat out your blowout and destroy it. When showering, I recommend that you use a shower cap just to keep that moisture away.
  • Sleeping on a silk pillowcase. If you’ve got a cotton pillowcase, this will ruin the blowout and also damage your hair. It’s recommended to sleep on a silk pillowcase where your hair will just slide rather than rub.
  • Refresh your bangs. Because bangs are in your face, it’s normal for them to lose volume. It’s okay to just wet the front section or your bangs and give them a re-blow for a more refreshing look.

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