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Glide Thru Detangling Brush:

1. Is this brush easy to use?

Yes. The brush has an ergonomic handle making it easy to hold unlike other detangling brushes that lack a handle. 


2. How do I achieve the best results?

We recommend shampooing and conditioning your hair and then dry your hair with a towel or an old t-shirt if you want to protect your hair from damage even further. The detangling brush can then be used on wet or dry hair.


3. How do I clean the brush?

The brush is very easy to clean. All you have to do is pull out the pieces of hair within the brush. For the stubborn hairs that won't come out, we recommend putting the brush in water. The hairs will easily come out of the brush.


Mirage Argan Oil

1. Where do I use Mirage Argan Oil?

From your head to your toe! Argan oil is not only for your hair. It can be used on your skin, face, hands and nails. It makes your hair silky, smooth and shiny, while making your hands soft and cuticles moisturized. It provides excellent hydration for your face, helping to decrease the look of fine lines.


2. Why does Mirage Argan Oil come with 3 different lids?

We like to give our customers options. The standard gold applicator lid, spray lid and dripper lid are all part of the standard packaging for Mirage Argan Oil.


3. Does Mirage Argan Oil have chemicals or synthetics?

NO! Our argan oil is 100% Organic. It has EcoCert Approval and is 100% Organic Cold Pressed Argan Oil imported directly from Morocco, providing you with the highest quality argan oil available.




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1. What is the Priority Cravers list?

Priority Cravers was created by the founder of Crave Naturals. She wanted to show all of our customers and fans that they are very appreciated. When you join the Priority Craver List you are eligible to receive discounts, coupons and free product offers during product launches.


2. Crave Naturals is such a great place to shop. What can I do to say thank you?

We love all of our customers and we hope they love us too. If you want to extend a big THANK YOU to us, please take the time to leave honest reviews of the products you purchased. You can do this here in our store or on amazon by accessing your amazon orders