Summer Is Coming.. Beauty Hacks To Help You Get Ready For Summer!

Summer Is Coming.. Beauty Hacks To Help You Get Ready For Summer!

It started to feel like spring and we're already thinking about summer! Today we wanted to share a few beauty hacks that we came across to that will prep you for those bathing suit months because before you know it, they will be upon us!

Scrub your skin smooth: Combine some essential oils, lemon peel and salt scrub to dry skin before taking a shower. Working from the feet upwards and in circular motions, this will get rid of any dry skin and leave your skin smooth! 


Frizz control: We love love love coconut oil for many reason, one of which includes keeping the frizz under control. Mix coconut oil and avocado together and apply to the ends of your hair to keep moisturized.  

Shave a little less: With warmer weather on it's way, comes more exposure, and that means more shaving. If you are looking for a way to skip a day or two of razors, mix sugar, lemon and water for slower hair growth. 

Method of braid: Try and cut down on using hot tools on your hair this spring. We all love our mermaid waves, which is why you can do this by braiding your hair the night before! 


Homemade bronzing lotion: Add a little bit of summery glow to your legs and arms by adding shimmery copper or gold eyeshadow to your lotion.