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Need a brush that works a little harder to unravel those tough tangles? Our Biggie Brush's patented design is a one-of-a-kind compilation of our best customer feedback (hair care professionals, too). Because when the going gets tough... this brush gets going.

  • Finally! A brush that actually does what it’s set out to do - detangle pain-free
  • A longer, ergonomic handle for following the shape of your head with complete comfort and total control
  • Anti-slip grips to help secure the brush to your palm
  • Thick and firm bristles that perform gently on the job to promote a healthier head of hair
  • Built with a heavier, more weighted base so you don’t get tired working through knots or matted hair

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Brushing your hair never felt better!

Questions? We've got Answers!

How do I achieve the best results?

We recommend shampooing and conditioning your hair and then dry your hair with a towel or an old t-shirt if you want to protect your hair from damage. If you have a lot of tangles, it is recommended to start detangling hair at the bottom and work your way up.

Can it be used on Wet and Dry Hair?

Yes! It is designed to use on both wet and dry hair. Always start brushing at the bottom and work your way up.

How do I clean the brush?

The brush is super easy to clean. Pull out the loose hairs with your hands, then place the brush under warm running water to loosen up any hairs and remove with fingers. The brush may also be cleaned with a mild soap or shampoo.

Is this brush good for kids?

YES! Kids are huge fans of this brush because it doesn't cause pain and pulling like most other brushes. The brush works by separating hair in a knot instead of pulling at it. The bristles also do not have beads on them, which prevents scratching of the scalp.

What if I don't like the brush?

It's ok. We understand that not everything is for everybody which is why we have a 30 day no questions asked return policy. 

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Casey L.
United States United States
Perfect for fine curly hair!

I bought the OG and the Biggie during a sale, and use the OG in the shower as a detangler and the Biggie as my styling brush. I have really fine, medium density hair that doesn’t play well with most brushes. I used to use a Denman brush but would have to be careful—my hair doesn’t do well in “clumps”, and can often result in having five thick curls that I have to separate, and it’s never pretty. I bought these brushes on recommendation from IG, and they’re perfect for my hair type! The biggie brush clumps my hair, but in much smaller, numerous clumps that keep my hair from weighing down. This brush is also the first one I have used where my curls ACTUALLY go all the way to the root, rather than the top half being straight and the bottom half curly. It doesn’t snag in my hair and makes detangling easy (I don’t have a problem with knots usually, however, so I’m probably not the best judge on how easily it could go through more tangle prone hair). If you’re like me and have issues with the Denman brush not really working, this brush is great. My curls have never been so voluminous.

Katherine L.
United States United States

I really wanted to like this but it ends up pulling out a huge chunk of hair every time I use it, way more than a “normal” brush.

Melanie M.
United States United States
Great brush for conditioning in the shower!

I use the brush to run conditioner through my hair in the shower. It’s easy to hang onto with wet hands and coats my hair very well. And the mint green color is a fun little lift too :-)!