Laundry Label Guide - Laundry Symbols Cheat Sheet

A couple of days ago I went back home to my family and did some autumn/winter laundry for the weekend. When I took my clothes out of the washer, I couldn't believe my eyes! I ruined a couple of my favorite winter sweaters. I was so confused to why that happened.. And as all mothers are, my mom sat me down and explained why it happened. She turned the sweaters over and showed me all the laundry symbols and what they all meant. I wrote them all down thinking Can't wait to get home and do a whole infograph on this and print it so that I can place it on my laundry door! And that's what I did. I created an infograph with all the symbols not only for myself, but to share with you all! Feel free to print this out and hang it up on your wall just as I'm about to do. First off, it's a time saver. You don't need to hop on Google and search or calling your mom every time you're doing laundry. And second, it looks great framed in your laundry room! 

Check it out and pin it!

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