Worn on TV - Fashion And Style

Worn on TV - Fashion And Style

We all love a night in, snuggled in bed and catching up on our favorite TV series, right? And what's something else that we love? Fashion. It's double the excitement when we see these two combined in one. Have you ever caught yourself asking, Oh wow, that dress looks gorgeous. I wish I had access to celebrity wardrobes... I've got great news for you!! 

I came across to an exciting blog/website that I wanted to share with you all today. WornOnTV.net - the domain says it all. This lovely blogger spends hours searching the internet for the exact same clothe item in stores and shares it on her blog with her readers. After spending a long time on her blog (after I subscribed and followed the blog everywhere), I came up with a top 10 list of my favorite Worn on TV fashion pieces. 

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1. The Mindy Project - Mindy’s turquoise blue lace applique slip and robe on The Mindy Project


2. Revenge - Victoria's blue lace flared dress on Revenge. 


3. New Girl - Jess’s purple bow front dress with sheer sleeves on New Girl


4. Hart of Dixie - Zoe’s green tropical print top and quilted leather jacket on Hart of Dixie


5. Arrow - Felicity’s red v-neck peplum dress on Arrow


6. Nashville - Scarlett’s white laser cutout top on Nashville


7. The Vampire Diaries - Elena’s white arrow embroidered tank top on The Vampire Diaries


8. The Big Bang Theory - Penny’s black rose print blouse on The Big Bang Theory


9. Modern Family - Haley’s black floral scoop neck dress on Modern Family


10. Pretty Little Liars - Hanna’s lace up top and draped cardigan on Pretty Little Liars