How to: Clean Your Makeup Tools

How to: Clean Your Makeup Tools

We all love makeup, right? Everyday we use our makeup tools to either apply or touch up our makeup and are all aware of the importance of makeup in our life. But are we aware that it's also very important to clean our makeup tools? Even though it takes time to clean these tools and even longer for them to dry, PLEASE take note that all makeup tools MUST be clean. If you want to prevent your face from acne, dirt and dust then keep reading and learn how to clean your makeup tools. 

1. Makeup Brushes - Rinse the bristles (avoid running water directly to the base of the brush). Use baby shampoo and cleanse the bristles. Rinse until the water starts running clear. Lay the brushes clean on a dry towel overnight to dry. Once dry, make sure you're putting all clean brushes together. Do this every second week with your brushes just so that you can keep the germs away from your face. 

2. Makeup Sponge - Run the makeup sponge under warm water. Use a gentle shampoo and rinse the sponge until the water starts running clear. Pat dry the sponge with a clean towel and leave for another 10 minutes. You're now good to go! Cleaning your makeup sponge should be part of your every day routine. Seeing that it doesn't take up a lot of time, it's a good idea that you do this every 2-3 days. However, we do recommend to change your makeup sponge frequently to prevent your skin from infections. 

3. Eyelash curlers and tweezers - Clean curlers, tweezers or any metal beauty tools that you use with alcohol. Thoroughly wipe down the tool with with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball. If the tool comes in contact with your face, after sanitizing wash it down with water. Aim to give it a good clean every two weeks. 

4. HairbrushAll you have to do is pull out the pieces of hair within the brush. For the stubborn hairs that won't come out, we recommend putting the brush in water. The hairs will easily come out of the brush. Give your brush a bath once a month to prevent product buildup.