New Year's Resolution Printable

New Year's Resolution Printable

We love and enjoy making New Year's resolutions. Writing down what you want to become better at or changing, and ways to work on your hobbies and talents is always fun! What's even more fun is looking back at the end of the year to see how you did.

One of our 2014 resolutions was to release more products and inspire a lot of people to start using products to boost their natural beauty, and guess what, we did! 

This year, instead of writing down our resolutions on a piece of paper we found in the office, we decided to make an adorable printable which you can display in a place you can look at daily. For example, we love hanging motivational and inspirational notes in front of our working desk up on the wall or by our bed. 

On our 2015 New Year's Resolution printable you'll find that we've added a "About me" section, "Highlights from 2014" and "Looking forward to 2015". And the best part is, that this printable can be fun for adults and kids. 

What are some of your resolutions for new year? Good luck and have fun!!