5 Tips for Winter Hair Care

5 Tips for Winter Hair Care

Winter. It's all about moist weather, windy days and dry indoor air. All of these elements can easily damage your hair. It's time to start thinking about all the different ways to protect your hair. Try these quick tips to maintain healthy, beautiful hair this season. 

1. One very simply way to protect your hair from the win, rain or snow is to wear a hat. If you don't want the hat hairstyle afterwards you can always wear a hooded jacket and tuck your hair into the hood. 

2. Tuck your hair into the collar of your jacket or into your scarf. 

3. Treat your hair with Argan Oil. It restores dry, brittle, damaged hair creating shiny, smooth, luxurious hair. Improves strength, along with relieving itchy, dry and irritated scalps.

4. Wash your hair to a minimum. Two or three times a week will prevent your hair from drying too much. And another must is that you always dry your hair before you leave the house. Not only because you'll catch a nasty cold, but the moisture from your hair when combined with the moisture outside leads to damage by making your hair more brittle and dry. 

5. Regular trims are a great way to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. This goes for all seasons.