5 Mistakes You're Making With Your Eyebrows

5 Mistakes You're Making With Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows. It's all about eyebrow grooming and shaping. And because we are totally still on the brow-game hype, we wanted to share the 6 mistakes you're making with your eyebrows. 

1. Overplucking 

Brow specialists recommend tweezing about once every three weeks for the trendy full eyebrow. This way, hairs that may be different have time to grow out, which make your brows look more even. 

2. Using old tweezers

If you're struggling to bring the two points together with your tweezers or if hairs are slipping out, it's time to invest in some new tools. We recommend Precisio Tweezers that don't require re-sharpening. 

3. Making too much of an arch

Find your natural arch by looking for your eyebrow's highest point, normally about two-thirds of the way from the inside of your brow. Tweeze below the brow to create a lift. 

4. Forgetting the top

Don't forget the top of your brow. You want a nice thick brow which requires tweezing at the top of your brow for a nice think and polished look. Another reason is, the stray of hairs above the brow area tend to look more noticeable. 

5. Overusing your brow pencil

To fill in spots, just a few feathery strokes with an eyebrow pencil or powder can take your brows to the next level. Always pick a pencil or powder a shade lighter than your eyebrows for a natural look. If a pencil is too much for you, we suggest you use an angled brush that Crave Naturals have in an Eyebrow and Eyelash Brush Kit, dipped in a brow powder that's two lighter shades than your natural hair color.