Eyebrow Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making

Eyebrow Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making

When it comes to eyebrows, they can either make or break your entire look.  It takes some time to finally get the shape right, and requires a lot of patience and TLC to constantly keep them in shape and properly groomed. One very important tool that you need to consider is to invest in a good, high quality pair of stainless steel TWEEZERS to groom your brows at home, which saves you both time and money than spending it on weekly visits to a Brow Professional. But it takes years of tweaking and plucking to finally learn how to become an expert-- here’s a guide on how to avoid painful and oftentimes embarrassing mistakes when plucking your eyebrows.

OVER PLUCKING: Avoid daily plucking. Experts suggest tweezing once every three weeks is best.That way, hairs that may be on different schedules have time to grow out, which will make your brows look more even. One more thing, the full eyebrows have been trendy for awhile vs the thin sparse look of the 90s. Think Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins and Emma Watson.

USING AN OLD PAIR OF DULL TWEEZERS: If you are struggling to bring the points of your tweezers together to grab the hairs, it’s time to invest in some new tools. Using dull tweezers will cause you to continuously try and obviously fail in pulling out the hairs and eventually the skin, making it red and sensitive.

OVER EXAGGERATED ARCH: Permanently raised eyebrows leaves a constant surprised look which  is totally unattractive. So go easy on your brows when creating a natural arch by looking for your brow’s highest point and tweeze below this point to create a sexy lift.

REMOVING TOO MANY BROW HAIRS OFF THE SIDES: Do not over pluck the space between the brows. Creating a large space between the eyes only makes your nose look wider and eyes too far apart. The beginning of your eyebrows should line up with the bridge of your nose and not the outer edge of your nostril.

IGNORING THE TOP: Tweezing below the brows creates a nice lift-- but keeping the area above the brows free of stray hairs can also make a huge difference by giving you a clean, polished, more professional look.