Summer is coming! Best Summer Skin Tips

Summer is coming! Best Summer Skin Tips

Summer is here! Gorgeous weather, beach, smiling faces, but this also means the season's harsh sun is beaming down on your skin. Of coarse you can't wait to get into that water at the beach, but stay smart and protect with all the right practices for a safe time in the sun. 

An obvious choice is sunscreen at the beach, but when it comes to running errands, it's easy to forget. We've got some great tips to keep your skin radiant no matter where the next few months take you. 

1. Adding sunscreen to your every day beauty routine is a must. When you're getting ready to go out to lunch or just a small walk in the park, apply a lotion with antioxidants for an extra skin-health boost! 

2. Look for a lip care with a SPF of at least 15. We recommend that lip balms over lip gloss, as balms tend to hydrate more and stay on longer. 

3. Water water water! When it comes to your body, Mother Nature knows best! In addition to drinking your daily in-take of water, eat some yummy summer foods like watermelon, leafy greens and berries. All of these fresh foods have a higher concentration of water to help you stay hydrated in the heat. 

4. In addition to obvious physical benefits, your fitness routine is a beauty ritual. Sweat, your body's natural responses to exercise is a brilliant elixir that regulates your body temperature. Release trace amount of toxins and loosen dirt in your pores! 

5. Take cool showers! Hot showers after sun exposure further dry skin. A cool shower after excess sweating helps the skin, decreasing acne breakouts. 

6. According to the Center for Disease Control, the sun's most harmful rays are between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. So to sum it all up. High SPF sunscreen, plenty of share, and lost of water will make for a beautiful summer day!