Back To School Beauty Essentials

Back To School Beauty Essentials

It’s almost the end of summer which means it’s about time to start prepping up for school again.  To help cure your back-to-school woes, here are some Beauty must-have Essentials to help you prepare for the big months ahead and face your first day of classes and another whole year ahead with ease.

LIQUID EYELINER : Look awake during first period with a simple sexy flick or by winging it with a good quality liquid eyeliner.

OIL ABSORBENT SHEETS: Keep skin looking shine-free and fresh no matter how sweaty you get cramming during exam week.

COMPACT FACE POWDER: Stay fabulous with a handy compact you can keep in your stash for quick touch ups between class.

DRY SHAMPOO: Spritz on to save your dry, greasy, limp and lifeless hair during the cold weather. It soaks up all the excess oils from the scalp and preserves hair’s natural oils.

OIL FREE MAKEUP REMOVER WIPES: These amazing pre-moistened wipes effectively removes all traces of makeup, dirt and oil for clear, fresh skin without any need for a sink, perfect for pre-sports practice.

ACNE FACE WASH: Late nights doing homework and preparing for midterms often leads to ugly breakouts, so look for a cleanser that is strong enough to remove dirt and keep skin clean. Avoid harsh face soaps that can strip your skin of its natural oils. Harsh cleansers and scrubbing will only leave you with red, irritated skin that can promote flare-ups of your existing acne.

DETANGLING BRUSH: The best tool for removing knots and tangles and keeping hair looking shiny and bouncy. Perfect for wet hair too, so you can keep it handy in your shower caddy.

HAIR TIES: Essential for gym class, keep several ouchless hair ties in your backpack and go for a messy bun or a high ponytail and look great anytime of the day.

WATERPROOF MASCARA: Highly essential beauty must-have for instant bright eyes.

CONCEALER: Hide racoon eyes and dark circles after nights of sleeplessness and go to school the next day looking fresh and gorgeous.

DISPOSABLE RAZORS: To keep legs smooth and silky beautiful, always have a sharp fresh one handy during shower time.

LIP BALM: Weatherproof your lips during the cold snap by moisturizing regularly with a good lip balm that soothes and protects for ultra soft kissable lips.

Nourishing Body lotion: Shield your skin from the dry, cold winter weather with a good bottle of body moisturizer you can slather on your hands, feet, legs, arms and body to keep skin soft and smooth like a baby.